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Kinetic Light and Sound Installation

Inside is an attempt to represent intense subjective feelings in the form of a kinetic installation. The work positions the kinetic objects in a dialogue and field of tension in which they act both with and against each other. The simultaneous manipulation of the individual objects by multiple factors in an immersive environment creates a microcosm in which physical effects of an emotional state of emergency are visualized.The installation consists of 30 black spheres, which in their entirety form a cohesive, organic-looking shape. Through technical tools such as LED lights, Arduino and motor, they are given different properties and initially perceived as a large whole. Each of the objects represents a specific behavior in the exceptional state of a panic attack. The mechanism initially moves in a natural and harmonious way, suddenly lapses into a visible struggle with itself and plays out different emotional reactions. Similar to a living organism, the installation can reproduce different biochemical, neuronal and psychological stresses.Inside is designed as a seven-minute loop, each cycle runs through the following dramaturgy: it begins with a quiet phase in which the spheres alternately slowly become lighter and darker again, seemingly "breathing." The sound level also reproduces the audible inhaling and exhaling. After two minutes, the second, darker section begins and some spheres start to blink "nervously". Something seems to happen, it becomes noticeably more intense. The lighting effects become faster and the soundscape swells into an oppressive, ever-increasing chaos of sound. The spheres tremble and flash and eventually contract and soar before everything quiets down and slows down again and finally dies away. An exhausted calmness returns after a stressful experience. With this sequence, the spheres symbolize the reactions that human bodies go through in exceptional situations. "Inside" is a visual and sonic representation of an experience, which, because it is hung in a completely darkened room, allows the viewer to experience it in a particularly impressive way.

I measured and recorded my physical reactions like heart rhythm, blood oxygen, heartbeat and breathingduring anxiety and panic attacks. These measurements are combined into an atmospheric soundscape in the form of audio files and used as a control for the installation. Each sphere is attributed an audio file that matches its current state. This allows the scenarios and phases of the mental state of emergency to be experienced auditorily.