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Interactive Installation

All of Us explores the aesthetics of scars to highlight their visual aspects and exhibit something that is usually not on display. Aside from the visible wound, scars are also constant reminders of injuries and events. Macro videos of scars varying in sizes and severities are taken from their hidden spots and projected at large scale. Tracked by a camera system, visitors can use their hands to influence the shown footage: by letting your hand rest anywhere on your body, footage from this area is shown. This relation between the feel of a physical touch and what is seen on the screen creates an intimate experience for the viewer. "All of Us" is an ongoing project, anyone interested can contact allofus@marlenereischl.com to make their scars part of the installation.

Thank You: Matthias Zauner, Michael Seidl, Gerhard Funk, Katharina Pichler, Hannah Winkelbauer, Daniela Waser and all the people getting semi-naked in front of the camera.

Werkschau, March 2016, Group Exhibition
WERK|SCHAU, December 2016, Group Exhibition
TIME OUT .07, May - September 2017, Ars Electronica Center
Ars Electronica Festival, 07. - 11. September
BestOff 2017, 07. November - 03. December 2017, Kulturtankstelle OK Center