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08. 09. 2019
Visuals for Eruptions, DeepSpace Live
Ars Electronica Festival, Linz

13.-15. 09. 2019
Field at The City Never Sleeps, Hallein, AT

09.-22. 10. 2019
Limbo at BestOff2019, Linz, AT

25.-28. 10. 2019
Field at Lab30, Augsburg, DE

02.-24. 11. 2019
Field at NTAA, Ghent, BE




Blackdrops is my contribution to a „Nervous Garden“ project. Three electro-magnets and three neodym-magnets are repelling each other through facing the same pole. By turning on the magnetic field, the drops start to react with repulsion, trying but failing to escape the tension.

Thank You:
Holunder Heiss, Michael Seidl (Camera)

Kunstuni Rundgang, 28. - 30. June, Linz