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Field at Verein Ent, Haag

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Kinetic Interactive Installation

The spatial installation closer. was created in the midst of Lockdown 2020 by Marlene Reischl and Elisabeth Maurer. The goal was to mechanically set an organic form in motion.

Like a domino falling, one movement triggers the next. The viewer decides. If you approach the object, it starts to move. If you distance yourself, it slows down to a standstill. The speed of the movement is based on the measuring range of the anthropologist Edward T. Hall. Through cyclical, external manipulation the paper becomes crumbly and fragile. Every attendee contributes to it and leaves a trace. It is supported and moved by six cords, which are attached to six stepper motors with programmed circuit boards. Sensors measure the exact distance of the viewers in order to trigger the movements of the paper. This creates a kind of choreography with the visitors. Their influence on the object becomes evident.