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09.-22. 10. 2019
Limbo at BestOff2019, Linz, AT

02.-24. 11. 2019
Field at NTAA, Ghent, BE


FIELD III - Cluster | 2018

Light Installation

When Field is set up, location and surroundings are included, so the installation takes on a new form with every exhibition. This is the third version, using a Pendulum that oscillates in a bowl shaped cluster, set up at the Athens Digital Arts Festival in Greece.

Field is a light installation combining fluorescent tubes and Tesla coils. It utilizes the coils’ high voltage fields to illuminate surrounding tubes without the use of physical power connections. As the coils wander across the sculpture their electrical fields activate the tubes nearby, stimulating the trapped gas to create gently flowing movements of light. The lack of wiring and the seemingly organic animation of the light induce a surreal, eerie scenery. Adapting a basic principle of physics, the installation becomes self-contained and is given a new level of artistic integrity that creates an uncanny, poetic situation.

Thank You:
Matthias Zauner, Holunder Heiß

Athens Digital Arts Festival, 24. - 27. May 2018