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From my Window | 2021

Site specific Installation

From my Window is a site specific Installation on the Windows of Splace Gallery and Infopoint at the University of Art and Design in Linz Austria.

During the months when solitude was an act of social responsibility, the two artists Carina Nimmervoll and Marlene Reischl exchanged pictures taken from their windows on a daily basis. The transition to distance-learning meant a sudden change of scenery away from the buildings of the art university and into their own homes. The window serves as a frame and turns from a structural element into a space to experiment. The artists' immediate surroundings are on display. Their everyday life is displayed in an abstract form, condensed into an image and reflecting partly spontaneous, partly staged moments. Using custom printed and cut transparent Foil the two artists are transferring their experiences back onto the university building. The transition between inside and outside leaves room for own associations.