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Field at Verein Ent, Haag

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Kinetic Installation

Limbo is a kinetic sculpture consisting of nine pairs of magnets which keep each other in a state of equilibrum, continuously maintaining their distance. The result is a fragile system in which the individual, mechanically unconnected elements act in a coordinated way, performing a synchronised choreography which explores void, weight and gravitation.

In this installation, constant repetition is the structuring moment. The term “Limbo” refers to an intermediary stage, a situation in which someone or something is stuck between two phases and it is unclear what will happen next. The opposing motors move the magnets so that the distance between them is kept constant. They must not leave the magnetic field and have to keep attracting each other. Due to the continuous attraction, the elements of the installation are held in a state of suspension. When the magnets approach each other, the magnetic force becomes visible and perceptible and the magnetic energy of the air space is reduced. A choreography interrupts the individual ups and downs of the otherwise separate parts: The pairs of magnets move independently of each other, but start to perform synchronized movements at regular points in time.

The individual units are connected in series and receive their commands via DMX from a central control unit. The control unit stores various scenes, which are played back sequentially by sending the corresponding position data to each element.

Thank You:
Holunder Heiß, Matthias Zauner, Joachim Smetschka, Hannah Winkelbauer, Lisa Bickel, Philipp Feichtinger