Upcoming / Current

08. 09. 2019
Visuals for Eruptions, DeepSpace Live
Ars Electronica Festival, Linz

13.-15. 09. 2019
Field at The City Never Sleeps, Hallein, AT

09.-22. 10. 2019
Limbo at BestOff2019, Linz, AT

25.-28. 10. 2019
Field at Lab30, Augsburg, DE

02.-24. 11. 2019
Field at NTAA, Ghent, BE




Concept: Katharina Pichler, Marlene Reischl
Cameras: Lisa Bickel, Katharina Pichler, Marlene Reischl, Michael Seidl, Joachim Smetschka
Lights: Clemens Niel, Michael Seidl
Edit: Marlene Reischl, Joachim Smetschka
Coloristas: Katharina Pichler, Marlene Reischl
Sound: Katharina Pichler
Dancers: 10+10 Br├╝cken, LiLi Jungin Lee, Seung Ju Lee, Jaqueline Schiller, Anni Taskula

supported by Timebased and Interactive Media / Kunstuniversit├Ąt Linz

Thank You: Philipp Feichtinger, Harry Kemp