10. 07. - 14. 08. 2020
Still There at ADAF
Athens Digital Arts Festival, GR

09. - 13. 09. 2020
Still There at Ars Electronica Festival
Linz, AT

Visuals for Fata Morgana, DeepSpace Live
Ars Electronica Center, Linz

Sound & Light for HEROES by Valerio Iurato
Musiktheater Linz, AT


Sound- and Visualdesign

Yama is the Hindu god of death and the underworld. At first a mere mortal, his death brings him to a better world of light and beauty. Therefore, he is not only the ruler of the underworld but also the discoverer of a paradise in the afterlife. The Indian-Australian choreograph, Ashley Lobo, who also has choreographed over twenty “Bollywood” films combined western dance movements with connectivity, yoga, breath and touch, and thereby created the Prana-Paint & Flow techniqueTM.

Choreography: Ashley Lobo
Stage and costume designs: Hans Winkler
Sounddesign and Video: Philipp Feichtinger, Marlene Reischl
Lighting design: Philipp Mixa
Dramaturgy: Katharina John

Cast: Lara Bonnel Almonem, Kayla May Corbin, Julie Endo, Urko Fernandez Marzana Núria Giménez Villarroya, Tura Gómez Coll, Yu-Teng Huang, Hodei Iriarte Kaperotxipi, Valerio Iurato, Rutsuki Kanazawa, Filip Löbl, Edward Nunes, Pavel Povrazník, Alessia Rizzi, Lorenzo Ruta, Jonatan Salgado Romero, Andrea Schuler, Kasija Vrbanac

in collaboration with Timebased and Interactive Media, University of Art and Design, Linz

Photos: Sakher Almonem