All of us is an interactive Installation focusing on the aesthetics of scars. Aside from the visible wound, scars are also constant reminders of injuries and events. Our body is not able to restore the destroyed tissue to how it used to be. We all have scars, none of them look alike and every one is connected to a smaller or bigger story.

The viewer‘s body is being tracked, and as he/she touches him-/herself, macro videos of scars from the same bodypart are shown. This way something that‘s rather hidden gets exhibited. The selected range of videos chosen through the visitor‘s touch creates an intimate experience.

Using a Kinect, the body contact point of the visitors is detected. This point is used to select the video shown. The videos are projected on a screen with a size of 2,20m x 1,14m.

Projection Screen (9:16), Beamer, Kinect v.2, Laptop running VVVV

Thank You: Matthias Zauner, Michael Seidl, Katharina Pichler, Hannah Winkelbauer, Daniela Waser and all the people getting semi-naked in front of the camera.

Werkschau, March 2016, Group Exhibition
WERK|SCHAU, December 2016, Group Exhibition